Waldszenen (waldszenen) wrote in antiadvertising,

I Hate Car Commercials

I really dislike car commercials and ads. These car commercials frequently are accompanied by pseudo-religious or "spiritual" sounding music (New Age type of music) and the people in the commercials are made to appear over-awed by the vehicle that is being driven (usually at night), and often accompanied with pseudo-religious imagery. I think it's cheap and shoddy the way spiritual ideals are being sold in the form of a metal piece of transportation. I understand a car is important if you need one to get to work, etc., but I've never understood how most people can't see through the shallow facade of these commercials.

One of the commercials that recently got on my nerves was a Hummer commercial with a well-known Victoria's Secret model in the front seat. I believe she was in the driver's seat with some older man (Regis Philbin?), I'm not sure who, but anyway, something about that commercial advertised wealth and privilege and it's just an ugly, totally distorted view of the world. I also think there was a purposeful use of this model with an older man in a psychological sense. This model is the exact type of person who would appeal to all of the women who shop at Nordstrom's, and the man is just going all "for a ride." The man would probably appeal to every guy with a mid-age crisis.
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