Your Housewife (caitlin_mcfly) wrote in antiadvertising,
Your Housewife

i just finished watching an episode of dateline called Food Fight and it was about the court battle of fsatfood, the strategies they use etc. At one point of the show they had a few preschool students choose between an iced cupcake with the americanflag on it or one with spiderman on it. almost all the kids chose the one with spiderman (not surprising).then again they were given a choice between iced cupcakes and a bannana with stickers of Dora the Explorer,shrek etc.still the majority of kids chose the item with their favorite characters. finnaly the kids were asked which they would like for breakfast, a rock with stickers of cartoon characters or a bannana. An alarming amount of children chose to have a rock.
i thought id write about this because the marketing behind it really stood out.
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