worldbimperial (worldbimperial) wrote in antiadvertising,

I had my portfolio review class today. I showed new work for my Rand McNally CustomView Maps campaign, and I did something I would never have done a year ago: I created an advertisement that appropriated public art. A San Francisco mural. Would I ever allow the idea to be executed? I don't know. Is it an innovative solution to a communications problem? Yes.

I am getting more pent up about the fact that my teacher only (sometimes) critiques the backwards and malignant values inherent in some of our work. Although, he will say something negative when these ads appropriate the sacred of other culture:. One kid did an ad with that Indian goddess with 8 hands. He called her on it. He said you can't take other cultures' religious symbols and associate them with American consumer goods because it belittles the religion. But I just showed some other work today that explicitly bashes the Catholic church. He thought that was funny. And today, this guy put up a smattering of obviously mysogynist ads for Noxema soap wipes. All of the ads showed a woman who'd just washed her face, looking at what dirt came off on the wipe. The wipes said things like "'80's Whore," "Gold Digger," and "You don't really swallow." Instructor gave him kudos for the concept and said nothing about the content. And last week, this other guy put up these ads for Crayola erasable markers. One of the ads showed a drawing of a ballerina with a signature that read "by Billy." The headline said something like "thank god Billy's dad had Crayola's erasable marker." I.e., thank god Billy's dad could erase the sissy (read: GAY) drawing his son had drawn.

To all of this, I said nothing. Your thoughts?
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